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Friday, January 28, 2005

Gving everything a test run

I was just introduced to this new "3 column" system used for blog by a cat, and the main downfall of the Blogger system. That is, Blogger isn't making what is in demand, and those who have the know how to punch together a 3 Column blog don't seem to be sharing or know how to share it.

Along the way I found a few blog generators. Haven't tried one yet, but might give it a whirl later on. I have been building my own webpages for years with HTML and not really advancing with the technology of the times. Can't call myself a developer or anything. I know just enough to get by and get done what I need to do, no bells and whistles unless I get them in a premade script of some kind. This new blogger code (I think they call CSS) might as well be a lesson in the Chinese language because I am lost and the while the light on, no one is home.

I want to say Thanks to the Cat for fixing me up with this workable script!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005




Testing Modifications